The new PS5 game was accidentally leaked before it was announced

The new PS5 game was accidentally leaked before it was announced

A new PS5 game was accidentally leaked prior to its announcement, with permission from the official Taiwanese video game rating board, which ranked the PS5 version of Sunken cityAn action-adventure game from developer Frogwares based on the horror fiction work of author HP Lovecraft. At the time of publication, the game is available via PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, but not through current consoles, although it can play on these devices via backward compatibility.

At the moment, the PS5 or Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have not been officially announced for this. However, the game is not rated for release on the platform if it is not available on that platform. There is a problem, however, which is that the Taiwanese rating board has been known to rate games sometimes prior to their release. In other words, when ESRB or PEGI ranks a game for its release, it’s usually a good indication that it will launch soon. The same does not apply to the Taiwanese classification board.

At the time of publication, Frogwares has not commented on this leak in any way. If this changes, we will make sure to update this story with all that is presented. However, while it’s safe to assume it will arrive on the PS5 – and potentially the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well – there’s no way to know when it will come. It could be the year, it could be the next year, and of course, it could never be.

Sunken city Available via PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, and it looks like it’s hopping on current consoles soon.

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Sunken city It is a great entry into the horror genre that is a perfect stop not only for old HP Lovecraft fans, but also for those who may have never read any of his work, “ Our glowing review From the game. „No prior knowledge of Cthulhu and the like is required to enjoy what developer Frogwares has put together, but it never hurts to be aware of how side things can go when superpowers are in full swing. In an era of jumping scares, this title shines. Without having to stand up to you to get the rise from you. The lingering terror that passes unseen works well enough. „

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