MyPillow is dropped by Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s

MyPillow is dropped by Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s

Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s said they were dropping products from MyPillow amid backlash over the comments they made Mike LendlBedding Company CEO who Was promoted Debunking election conspiracy theories on social media.

Lindell said Coles and Bid Bath and Beyond acted after people on social media started to pressure them, according to an interview published Monday on a pro-Trump website called Right Side Broadcasting Network. Mr Lindel, who said he spoke with Bed Bath & Beyond minutes before the interview, claimed without citing evidence that the criticism came from fake accounts.

Bed Bath & Beyond said Tuesday that its decision is rooted in MyPillow’s performance. „We have rationalized our lineup to discontinue a number of underperforming elements and brands,“ said one representative in a statement. „Customer demand for MyPillow has decreased,“ a spokeswoman for Kohl’s said, and that the chain had not planned to purchase future stock after the offer was liquidated.

Mr Lindel, whose company is a major advertiser on Fox News, has become a staunch supporter of President Trump. He caught attention last week after a photo of partially visible notes he was carrying to the White House showed a reference to the insurgency act. MyPillow also displayed a „FightforTrump“ discount code on the day of the Capitol riots. On social media, groups like Sleeping Giants, which were created to stifle Breitbart News ads, have been asking sellers for their support for MyPillow products.

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