DJ Spindella isn't thrilled with Lifetime Salt-N-Pepa

DJ Spindella isn’t thrilled with Lifetime Salt-N-Pepa

Salt, Pepa and DJ Spinderella together in 2018, shortly before the latter was fired from Salt-N-Pepa.

Salt, Pepa and DJ Spinderella together in 2018, shortly before the latter was fired from Salt-N-Pepa.
Photo: Roger Kissby (Getty Images)

Earlier this afternoon, Lifetime released its new movie Salt-N-PepaWhich, as the name suggests, is a resume that covers the ups and downs of jobs One of the first women’s group to win a Grammy Award and sell platinum. Unlike some Lifetime projects that have come out of woodwork over the years, Salt-N-Pepa Mostly Licensed – meaning it was produced and co-written by Salt and Pepa (co-produced by their old friend, Queen Latifah), But Not, Expressed by the trio Third previous Member Dr.J Spinderella. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that Spinderella (aka Diedre Roper, who joined the group shortly after dropping their debut album in 1985), And who spent more than 30 years as a DJ) From the group in 2019, after which she sued Salt and Pepa On allegations of unpaid royalties. (The lawsuit eventually went to mediation.)

Given its integral role The success of the group, it is not surprising that Roper appeared in the movie, played by Monique Jasmine Ball. It is also not surprising that a real Roper is not Especially happy to include, without her participation, in the film, and to take to Twitter today to write, among other things, that Words couldn’t fully express my disappointment when I learned that a decision was made to go ahead with a lifelong biographical film that wrongly excluded me from every aspect of development and production … “ Paul, though).

As it happens, Salt and Pepa this week talked (somewhat indirectly) about removing Spinderella from the group. Talking to Breakfast club Yesterday, Sherrill „Salt“ James stuck to saying that she and Sandra „Peppa“ Denton were already a do-it-all when Spinderella was added to the lineup by producer Hurby Azor.And that was Roper Always An „addition“ to an established dynamic that goes back to the couple’s high school years. Reading is not difficult especially between the lines, tThe implication is clear To spin She was never, and never will be, an equal member of the partnership, and that certainty ultimately led to her separation.. (You can watch this segment at 14:35 in the video below.)

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