Delta Airlines has banned 880 passengers who harassed Utah Sen Mitt Romney and South Carolina South Carolina Lindsay Graham before their flights last week.

Delta Bans passengers who targeted Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham

Delta Airlines has banned passengers who have disturbed Utah Sen Mitt Romney and South Carolina Sean Lindsay Graham ahead of their flights last week and will ban all weapons in checked baggage on flights to Washington, DC, even after President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated next week.

Romney, the only Republican senator to vote to oust President Donald Trump after his impeachment, was on a flight from Salt Lake City to the capital when he was harassed by a Trump supporter as he waited on his flight.

A second video clip showed dozens of people on a plane screaming „traitor“ at Romney, even though he was not seen in that video.

On Friday, Graham was preparing to leave the capital when Trump supporters confronted him at Reagan International Airport, also describing him as a „traitor to the country.“

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian said the company has now placed 880 people on the no-fly list for failing to comply with mask requirements, and others have been banned from traveling with the airline to harass passengers or disorderly conduct related to the US election results.

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A woman approaches Romney while he waits on a flight from Salt Lake City to Washington, DC

Delta Airlines has banned 880 passengers who harassed Utah Sinn Mitt Romney and South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham before their flights last week. A woman approaches Romney (left and right) while he waits for a flight from Salt Lake City to Washington, DC

In addition, Bastian said that, starting this weekend, the airline will ban passengers from flying to the capital with firearms.

„We are all on high alert based on the events of the past two weeks in Washington,“ Bastian told CNBC Thursday morning.

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Law enforcement officials will be exempt from the ban.

Bastian also said that other security measures will be taken at airports and on planes „as we look to the next week.“

Earlier last week, Romney was harassed and mocked by Trump supporters ahead of the Save America rally.

„ Let him know what we’re thinking, “ a woman’s voice was heard screaming in a video of the incident, before a group of Trump supporters were pulled with their masks chanting „traitor“ and „traitor dead“ from their seats.

Romney is believed to be sitting in front on the plane, but cannot be seen while Trump fans record the incident.

Trump supporters traveling on a plane from Texas to the capital caused chaos as flight attendants struggled to gain control of the plane, cheers, chants and arguments.

In one phase of the incident video, someone on board shows a „Trump 2020“ show before turning on the lights in the cockpit.

Meanwhile, people are heard shouting at each other, and someone says, „Shut up!“

Others heard claiming that someone on board had „threatened“ them, but it is not clear what happened.

The next day, Americans watched as dozens of MAGA supporters stormed the Capitol in a terrible accident that killed five people, including a Capitol police officer.

Sean Graham was at Reagan Airport near the capital when he encountered several boisterous Trump supporters last Friday.

Trump loyalists confronted Graham after he backed down on his pledge to veto the Electoral College testimony on Wednesday under false assertion that several thousand of the votes were forged.

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The video was captured with a person screaming „Traitor“ in Graham while surrounded by police officers marching down one of the airport corridors.

Someone shouted, „Lindsay Graham, you are a traitor to the country.“ “You know it was rigged, you know it was rigged!”

Graham seems to be saying something to the person shouting, but it’s inaudible.

Someone yells, „ You petty human. It will be like this forever wherever you go for the rest of your life.

‚Check vote! Vote check! Vote check! Vote check! A piece of sh * t, ’someone says as Graham continues walking with a mask hanging from his chin.

Sean Graham was at Reagan Airport near the capital when he encountered several boisterous Trump supporters last Friday

Sean Graham was at Reagan Airport near the capital when he encountered several boisterous Trump supporters last Friday

Take the video with someone screaming

Capture the video with someone shouting „Traitor“ at Graham while surrounded by cops marching down the airport runway.

People start chanting „check the vote“ and „check our vote“ before someone yells „You’re a son of a ** ch“ at Graham.

On Tuesday, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer said that supporters of Trump who have violated the U.S. Capitol Building should be banned from flying and added to the government’s no-fly list.

On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it would implement a new „ zero tolerance “ policy with rioting airline passengers following a series of accidents involving supporters of Trump.

Federal Aviation Administration Chairman Steve Dickson has signed an order directing the agency to severely punish any passenger who disrupts a flight or fails to follow the instructions of airline employees.

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The number of passengers banned from US airlines has now exceeded 2,700, and dozens of those bans have been delivered in the eight days since the January 6 riots.

Dickson said any passenger violating the new system could face fines of up to $ 35,000 and possibly imprisonment.

The president assured that the Federal Aviation Administration will not issue any warning letters or negotiate sanctions.

We will no longer separate some of these unruly passenger cases with advice or warnings. Dickson assured that we’ll go straight to law enforcement.

„We have seen an alarming increase in these accidents … We will take the strongest enforcement action possible against any passenger involved in this.“

Dickson said the agency’s „zero tolerance“ program will continue until at least March 30th.

He added that the Federal Aviation Administration may in some cases refer incidents for criminal prosecution to the Department of Justice, which may request sentences of up to 20 years for flight disruptions.

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