Another celebrity sided with a competition as Detroit’s most famous dog this weekend.

Dave Portnoy, founder of sports blog and digital media company Barstool Sports, posted a video on Twitter on Sunday breaking his deliberations as he sampled hot dogs covered in chili on Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island.

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„I didn’t know this was such a big thing in Detroit,“ Portnoy said. „It’s like the Red Sox and the Yankees. I like that rivalry.“

The workers in each restaurant provided him with details of why they had the best dog, but in the end, „the gesture goes to the American,“ he said.

Portnoy said that American hot dogs were easier to eat and not as strong as Lafayette, although he admitted, „neither would be the first thing I would ever eat.“

Portnoy Charitable Society, Barstool Fund, Is currently seeking donations for American on its website.

The fund raised more than $ 29 million for restaurants and other small businesses across the country hit hard by the pandemic. Has Kid Rock’s support.

The fund raised $ 15,000 for the US company Coney Island, according to the website. It is unclear if Lafayette Coney Island will experience any love after this.

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