Apple has allegedly held talks with EV startup Canoo about developing its own vehicle

Apple has allegedly held talks with EV startup Canoo about developing its own vehicle

Rumors about an Apple Car have become more frequent in recent weeks, and it looks like there is more to come. the edge Today I reported that Apple held talks last year with Canoo, a startup focused on electric cars and related technologies, to spur development of the long-running Apple brand.

According to the report, the two companies discussed the possibility of investment and even an acquisition by Apple in the first half of 2020. the edge Apple has been widely interested in Canoo’s scalable electric vehicle platform, called „Skateboard“.

It consists of incorporating more vehicle electronics using wire steering technology, which allows for greater flexibility in the design of the cabin. Apple was looking to acquire Canoo, but the startup was only interested in working with the Cupertino-based company through investment.

The two companies halted negotiations after Canoo entered the Nasdaq exchange in December. Canoo CEO Tony Aquila refused to discuss startup strategies and negotiations in a statement to The Verge, as well as Apple. Interestingly enough, Hyundai has previously worked with Canoo to build their electric cars – the same thing Rumors claim the automaker will do with Apple.

Although the acquisition of Canoo was not successful, It bought Apple in 2019 A startup that’s developing self-driving cars. Apple has not discussed the reasons for the acquisition, but the company has confirmed that engineers will work on engineering and product design.

We still don’t know when the Apple Car will be announced, though Bloomberg It is suggested that It is 5-7 years awayBut these rumors confirm that Apple is still working on its own electric vehicle project.

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