You can unlock Shin Akuma in Street Fighter Alpha 2

You can unlock Shin Akuma in Street Fighter Alpha 2

Someone found a brand new cheat code inside Street Fighter Alpha 2 After nearly 25 years, you can play Shane Akuma. Akuma as a character who can actually be played in the game, just like how M. Bison was head to play Street Fighter II Turbo. However, at the end SFA2There’s a hidden boss, where Akuma can hardly change his clothes and transform into Shin Akuma. According to the lore of the game, this is basically where he rages on and becomes powerful by becoming one with Satsui no Hado. He’s not the toughest president you’ll ever see in the history of the series, but at the time he was a royal pain to meet and separate professional players from wannabe. Well, now you can play his character in the game if you wish, and he is completely legal without hacking.

That is it, the purple guy! Courtesy of Capcom.

In the game, there is a secret code that was found by a player named Jazaha Ali Zeldex Forums, who discovered it while trying to reverse engineer the game. Cheating was later confirmed by Event hubs, Who tried it on their own. There are a few steps to that but this is the abbreviated version of how it works. First, you have to complete Street Fighter Alpha 2Arcade mode with a new high score with no character, but when entering your initials at the end of the game, it should be „KAJ“. When you get back to the title screen, take console # 2 and press and hold L, X, Y, and Start. While this is happening, take your first console to head into Versus mode. From here, select Akuma by pressing the Start button and its Gi will turn purple. Moreover, two players can do this and fight each other like Shin Akuma.

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Neither site has taken a video clip so you will have to try it for yourself if you have a copy of the game. But it’s cool to know you can unlock the character as the code has been hidden for over two decades.

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