Valorant reveals a new agent for episode 2

Valorant reveals a new agent for episode 2

Riot Games has unveiled a new agent he will be coming to Appraisal In addition to the release of the second episode, which will arrive on January 12th. The new character is called Yoru, and it looks like he could represent a huge game-changer when he arrives. The character will provide players with a number of unique abilities to use in the game, which makes playing against Yoru a little difficult! The character can teleport thanks to his Gatecrash ability, hide from opponents with a Dimensional Rift, or use Blindside to throw an unstable portion of the dimensions that flashes when it comes into contact with a surface.

However, Yoru’s most exciting ability might be Fakeout. As a Yoru, players can create a reverb that looks similar to the steps. As a Yoru, players can either send paces forward or put them in place in order to eliminate opponents. Voice plays a major role in any first-person shooter, and this ability will make it difficult for rival players to tell whether the sounds they hear are legitimate or not, or part of a complex trick!

A movie trailer for Episode 2 can be found, Yoru appears in the trailer below.

Riot Games is dubbing Euro „the sneaky swordsman“ and his abilities seem to reflect that. It would be fun to see how Appraisal Players carry on with the new agent, and how to find creative uses for the character’s abilities! Adding any new character to a game like this often makes a very big difference to the playing field, and part of the fun is seeing the ways players deal with the challenge.

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Released last year, Appraisal It is a team-based tactical FPS game. The main mode of the game features two players in a five-on-five competition. The game currently offers 13 agents with different abilities to choose from, and the Yoru edition will boost that number with one. Released on Tuesday Appraisal Episode 2 will also see the availability of a new Battle Pass, which will run until March 1. Players who missed some of the previous skins in the game can also check out the Run-It-Back package, which will feature some past demos.

Appraisal Now available on my computer. You can check all our previous coverage of the game Here.

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