There is no safe brand of Fortnite

There is no safe brand of Fortnite

Starting this week at It is an electronic game, You can have the Predator dance Pele’s victory while using TheGrefg’s gamepad ax. On Thursday, the band played the Faze Clan It is an electronic game With the Manchester City star while wearing Manchester City skins. Battle royale has long been known as a joint promotional juggernaut, but recently the developer Epic Games took things to a whole new level.

Only this season has kicked off On the second of December, Epic added:

Crossovers like this are by no means a new thing It is an electronic game. It was the last season for the game Marvel’s multi-month mix, it was there multiple star WarsUnder the title makeupOther, include real-world banners added to the game Tyler „Ninja“ Blevins And the Kathleen „Lucerfruit“ BilsteinAnd there were concerts (and accompanying cosmetics) with great artists such as Travis Scott And the Marshmallow.

For me, crossovers are part of the ongoing appeal of It is an electronic game Where else can I play Kratos and face Iron Man? Each new addition helps Epic create a The ultimate virtual world. But crossovers also give Epic opportunities to bring in more money, which may help offset The absence of the game on iOS. The battle royale is free to play, so each brand new appearance is an opportunity for Epic to pay people for items from the in-game store or sell one of the seasonal battle cards.

Don’t expect the crossovers to stop anytime soon. The Predator just joined It is an electronic gameBut Epic does exist Teasing arrival From Sarah Connor Who The position or the terminator Franchise. Maybe that means there will be a finisher Cyborg skin too – and if there is, that means you’ll be able to pit the Destroyer against the predator in battle throughout the ages. Just hope Mandu won’t interfere.

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