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The House votes to confirm Biden’s presidential victory

the week

The house nearly turned into a quarrel as it protested against Pennsylvania voters

Tensions erupted on the floor of the House of Representatives early Thursday during speeches for and against to object to the recognition of President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory in Pennsylvania – the last hurdle in the electoral college vote count, which was delayed due to the occupation of the Capitol on Wednesday by a mob supporting President Trump . Representative Connor Lamb, a moderate Democrat from Pennsylvania, provoked his fellow Republicans, telling them that their objections had no merit and “deserves an iota of respect. A woman died there tonight, and you are making these objections.” There was an uproar on the part of the Republican Party after he said Lamb said people who stormed the Capitol would have been arrested if they weren’t white, prompting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (DN.Y) to call for order. „Enough has been done today to try to strip this Congress of its dignity, and we need no more work,“ Lamb said, adding that some of his colleagues had fueled the crowd by repeating lies about the elections. A few moments later, Representative Andy Harris (R) objected, saying Lamb was calling him a liar. Pelosi dropped the objection, then things nearly fell apart. >> “There will be order in the House.” >> Watch tensions escalate in the House of Representatives during the debate in Pennsylvania College objection to the vote >> Note: C-SPAN has no control cameras in the house. >> – CSPAN (cspan) January 7, 2021 seats cleared, deputy sergeant involved in arms. PBS’s Lisa Desjardins explains what happened off-camera:> 6 . The Democrats got to their feet, and from the other side of the room, many (tens?) Began to move quickly, almost across the lines to Harris‘ place. > 7 . Republicans are starting to do the same. > 8 . Officer – it was probably the Sgt. at Arms has moved more quickly to separate them. >> 2 / >> – Lisa Desjardins (LisaDNews) January 7, 2021 „We want this government to do more than they want it to fail,“ Lamb said after defusing the fighting. More stories from advisor The White House Trump was reported to be committing treason. Watch Wednesday’s pro-Trump attack on the Capitol unfold in less than 5 minutes, Trump claims he will lead the march to the Capitol, only to return to the White House in parade

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