The first new blue dye 200 years ago finally went on sale

The first new blue dye 200 years ago finally went on sale

In 1802, chemists discovered that you could commercially create a wonderful blue dye using cobalt. For the past 200 years, that has been the foundation.

Then in 2009, Researchers at Oregon State University finally found a new form of blue, Brighter yet than cobalt.

Finally on sale now – at $ 179.40 for a three-ounce tube, yeeikes!

Isis Davis Marks in Smithsonian He has a story:

Named after its chemical components of yttrium, indium and manganese oxides, YInMn absorbs red and green wavelengths while reflecting blue wavelengths to produce a bright blue color. Art supplies manufacturer George Kramer says the unique color, a combination of super-glossy blue and cobalt blue, fills a „gap in the color palette.“ Artnet News.

He adds, „YInMn Blue’s purity is really perfect.“

People around the world have gravitated towards it blue, Which was the first man-made dye for thousands of years. Due to the difficulty of extracting blue from natural sources, artists throughout history have had to create synthetic blue pigments. Before YInMn Blue, the last commercially manufactured inorganic blue pigment was cobalt, which was discovered in 1802 and first produced in France in 1807, according to My Modern MetEmma Taggart. Cobalt is toxic if consumed in large quantities; It does not reflect heat well and tends to fade over time.

„[YInMn Blue is] Really an exceptional blue color, because it reflects more heat than cobalt blue, it’s really stable and a really cool color like lapis lazuli, „Subramanian told NPR.

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