Steve Austin confirms that his inner career is over

Steve Austin confirms that his inner career is over

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin I recently spoke with Ryan Satin of FOX Sports has confirmed that his career in the ring is over because he doesn’t want to wrestle again.

Stone Cold has not wrestled since retiring in 2003, and now Austin says he doesn’t want to do anything else in the ring. He made the comments when asked if he enjoys showing the „Broken Skull Sessions“ on WWE as a way to keep him in touch with the current crew.

Austin said, „Oh man 100 percent.“ „ Because, you know, I’m still a big fan of the work I was working on when I was seven years old changing channels and stumbling across them; Then I had the opportunity to learn it and have a good experience. I don’t want to do anything else in the ring, I’m done, I’m retired, everyone knows that.

„I don’t need to go in there and drop anyone on a pile of dimes and give them amazing things. Once a year, once every two years, whatever. So, yeah. That connection makes sense. I paved the way I did and I had the career that I owned, but I’m still watching. All those people who attended the show. So, the fact that I can still have a hand in the wrestling field and my finger on the pulse, yeah, that’s the relationship I want and cherish.

During the interview, Austin was asked about his thoughts on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and the role of his heels, and the work he was doing with Paul Heyman.

“I like it because it looks like Paul is helping anchor it. [Roman]It was always really good. „He can take his butt off,“ Austin said. „They needed to put his heel back in the day. But they’d never pull the trigger. Vince, you know. He’s the guy. He’s a good looking guy. The body. He can work. Vince never wanted to pull the trigger.“

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„But, people wanted to run out of heels on him, you know? So, I think now with Paul E, I think he’s stabilizing him and giving him an anchor. I like everything he’s doing now. A lot. It all makes sense and it works.“

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