Pelosi launches call on election challenge: 'No position compares to a Trump presidency'

Pelosi launches call on election challenge: ‚No position compares to a Trump presidency‘

Loudspeaker Nancy PelosiKentucky Governor Nancy Pelosi describes the deliberate vandalism of McConnell’s home as „unacceptable“ to the Pelosi home, and the vandalism of McConnell’s homes as the Stimulus K verification bill failed to pass Georgia, keeping the Senate agenda in limbo. More (D-California) In a message on Sunday, she told her Democratic colleagues that they will discuss the process of anticipating challenges to the Electoral College results from House Republicans during a call on Monday.

„Over the years, we have faced many challenges in the House of Representatives, but there is no position comparable to the Trump presidency and Trump’s disrespect for the will of the people,“ Pelosi wrote in her letter.

Pelosi outlined a plan for Democratic lawmakers as they prepare to ratify the Electoral College votes this week.

“If a member of the House and Senate submits a written objection, we meet in our individual room for up to two hours of debate. Only then will the members be recognized to speak in the room.

More than 100 Republican members of the House of Representatives are expected to challenge the election results in the various conflicting states, and dozens of Republicans in the Senate have pledged to do so.

Each challenge would lead to a two-hour debate in both the House and Senate and the vote. It is unclear how the case results will be challenged, but Pelosi indicated it could be a long night.

She said that the result will end with the president-elect Joe BidenJoe Biden Court of Appeals rejected the electoral lawsuit brought by Johmert against Pence Romney: A plan to challenge the elections „a terrible trick“ that „seriously threatens the“ Pence State „welcomes the efforts of legislators to“ raise objections „to the results of the Electoral College More And Vice President-elect Kamala HarrisKamala Harris rebukes Senate Democrats who say they will oppose the results of the Electoral College Sunday. Preview: Senate candidates prepare for run-offs in Georgia; The government continues to roll out the Coronavirus vaccine, are we allowed to talk about moving to President Harris? More „The next president and vice president of the United States will be officially announced,“ but he acknowledged that this announcement could be made at „midnight.“

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„On Monday we’re going to have a clearer picture of how many states are going to be challenged,“ Pelosi said. „Our choice is not to use the forum to discuss the presidency Donald TrumpDonald Trump The Court of Appeals rejects the electoral lawsuit brought by Johmert against Kentucky Governor Pence, describing the deliberate vandalism of McConnell’s home as „unacceptable“ „Pence“ welcomes the efforts of lawmakers to „raise objections“ to the results of the Electoral College.. While there is no doubt about the outcome of Biden Harris‘ presidency, our additional success is convincing more of the American people to trust our democratic system. „

Republican lawmakers like Sens. Mitt RomneyWillard (dead) Mitt Romney Romney: A plan to challenge the elections a „terrible trick“ that „seriously threatens“ the country Tommy and Morkowski to oppose Republican efforts to challenge the election results 11 Republican senators say they will oppose Electoral College results Wednesday More (Utah), Pat TommyPatrick (Pat) Joseph Tome, the government used the Patriot Act to collect website visitor records In 2019, the Court of Appeals is ruling the collection of mass phone data for the NSA to unlawfully withdraw Danford from chairing the Coronavirus Supervision Committee More (Pennsylvania) and Lindsay GrahamLindsay Olin Graham Pays Graham McConnell: 000 „No Socialist“ Payments Congress overrides Trump’s veto for the first time to raise checks to Banned K for a third day in the Senate More (SC) criticized the objections of their colleagues. Romney referred to the objection that he „Heinous trick“ On Saturday, Graham described the move as „political evasion“.

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