Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo rushes to enter UK second week No. 1 by obtaining a „driver’s license“

This week, the successful single hours recorded 13.7 million broadcasts, the largest single-week tally for a pioneer in two years, while the second track from the hugely successful artist breaks the top 40 in the current frame, „All I Want“ from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series On Disney +. It’s new at # 32.

In second place, „Don’t Play“ is this week’s highest new entry on Official UK Singles ChartAnd awarded Anne-Marie her most acting song as a Leading Artist, and her best career for KSI and Digital Farm Animals.

The top five have been completed before Ariana Grande 34 + 35 (Republic Records), from No. 11 to No. 3, a new climax; Followed by Little Mix „Sweet Melody“ (down 4-2 via RCA) and The Kid Laroi’s „Without You“ (RCA), up 6-5, a new high.

Waves are also making waves in Longest Johns‘ „Wellerman“ (The Longest Johns) sea shacks that are chart-topping # 37 after blowing up on social media. It is the first appearance in the Bristol’s Top 40 Players, consisting of Jonathan „JD“ Darley, Andy Yates, Robbie Satin and Dave Robinson.

wind up Official UK Albums ChartAnd the You and I are at the sixth Score second place with Suckerpunch, The seventh album of English rock band.

Suckerpunch Reaches 1st place, before debuting from Sleaford Mods (Cut the ribs In # 4 via Rough Trade), Why don’t we do (The good and the bad times In No. 5 across the Atlantic (and shame)Pink Drunk Tank At # 8 via Dead Oceans).

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