Lori Loughlin „stressed“ Musimo Giannoli’s husband in prison: report

Lori Loughlin „stressed“ Musimo Giannoli’s husband in prison: report

You may be out of jail, however Laurie LoughlinHardships are not over yet.

Just days ago, „Full house„ Alum, 56, He was released from prison After it spent two months to be involved in College admission scandal.

Although it was now He reunited with her daughtersOlivia is good And Isabel Rose – no doubt Looking forward to the futureIt is reported that the actress is still „nervous“ about her husband, Musimo Giannulli Being behind bars.

The 57-year-old designer reported a five-month prison sentence on November 19, less than a month after his wife announced her sentence.

What’s next for Lori Loughlin after her release from prison?

Lori Loughlin is reported to be „nervous“ about the departure of her husband, Musimo Giannulli, who remains in prison. (Getty Images)

„She is very relaxed and happy to be back home,“ a source told People magazine. „I got nervous about Musimo, but got an update that it’s doing well.“

The insider noted that, as was the case with Loughlin, the Corona Virus The impact of the epidemic on Janioli’s prison term.

„[Giannulli] It has also been isolated due to the Corona virus. “ explained. „This entire nightmare won’t completely stop until Musimo is released too. But Lori still looks positive. She spent yesterday with her girls and looked forward to the new year.“

Lori Loughlin had an emotional encounter with daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella after their release from prison

The star’s actors declined to comment.

After Loughlin was released on Monday, the source spoke to port She said Loughlin immediately went from prison to meet her daughters for a passionate and tearful reunion in Los Angeles.

„It is the end of a very long ordeal,“ the insider said. They added that she „feels comfortable that she can put the prison sentence on her behind her.“

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„It’s the most stressful thing I have ever dealt with,“ the source added. „She plans to spend the New Year with Olivia and Bella.“

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Laughlin pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit fraud by mail and mail in May. For his part, Giannulli pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit fraud by mail and mail and one count of honest fraudulent wire and mail services.

Tyler McCarthy of Fox News contributed to this report

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