Is Injustice 3 about to be revealed?

Is Injustice 3 about to be revealed?

is being Injustice 3 About to be revealed? Two years ago, in 2019, NetherRealm Studios was released Mortal Kombat 11. Two years earlier, in 2017, it was released Injustice 2. two years ago Injustice 2, He was released Mortal Kombat X. In 2015. And two years before 2015, in 2013, it was released Injustice gods are among us. As you can see, NetherRealm Studios has developed a style of releasing games every two years, and since 2013 it’s been switching between unfairness And the Mortal Kombat. If the pattern continues, Injustice 3 It should be released sometime this year. Moreover, more specifically, it should be released sometime between April and May, as all four of the aforementioned games were released between April and May.

All this said, and at time of publication, Injustice 3 Not yet disclosed. April and May are only a few months apart, so expect this to change, unless the pattern is on the verge of breaking, of course. While this is possible, a new development includes Injustice 2 It looks like it will hold up already.

this week, Injustice 2 It’s been added to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is strange for a number of reasons. For one, Injustice 2 He is four years old at this point. This doesn’t rule that out, of course, but it’s not the latest release for NetherRealm Studios. Why Injustice 2 They are added to Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate during MK11 It is left in the cold? It makes no sense, unless you are about to reveal Injustice 3 Thus you want to create some noise and synergy by getting the players in unfairness mood. This might sound like an extension, and to an extent, but that’s how video game marketing works.

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Recycle, it is Injustice 3 About to be revealed? Well, the strange addition of Injustice 2 The Xbox Game Pass suggests that it might be, but more importantly, NetherRealm Studios‘ release styles don’t mean it should be revealed any day now, but it should be just two months away from its launch.

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