Hear the flamboyant Duran Duran cover for David Bowie's Five Years

Hear the flamboyant Duran Duran cover for David Bowie’s Five Years

Before their performance at default David Bowie greeting Just for a dayAnd the Permanent standing They dropped the cover of „Five Years“ of the late legend.

The band kicked the synths to The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars Delivery, where Simon Le Bon is supported by backup vocalists for the climate choir. “Your face, your sweat, the way you talk,” he sings. „I kiss you, you are beautiful, I want you to walk.“

„My teenage life revolved around David Bowie,“ Le Bon said in a statement. „It’s the reason I started writing songs. Part of me still doesn’t believe in his death five years ago, but maybe it’s because there is a part of me where he’s still alive and always will be. When we got the Ziggy Stardust LP and put the needle in the groove, it was The first taste of her perfection is the song Five Years. I cannot begin to explain how proud I feel about Doran Duran for giving the opportunity to perform this icon, and putting our name next to Boy in commemorating his music. ”

The band will appear in Just For One Day on Friday, January 8, Bowie’s 74th birthday. They will also perform as Boy George, Adam Lambert, Michael C. Hall, Ian Hunter from Death of the Huble, Trent Reisenor, Billy Corgan, among others. Live broadcast tickets are For sale Now for $ 2. All proceeds will be donated save the Children, Which Bowie backed with money from his fiftieth birthday party at Madison Square Garden in 1997.

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Doran Duran will celebrate his 40th anniversary with a short overseas tour, beginning June 13 in Dublin, Ireland on June 13th. They will spend the summer stopping along the UK, ending up in Ibiza, Spain on October 8th. More information can be found at the band website.

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