GTA V’s stupidest memes recreated an IRL with the actual cast of the game

GTA V’s stupidest memes recreated an IRL with the actual cast of the game


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Grand Theft Auto V was originally released in 2013, but it’s still one of the best-selling and popular games today. As proof of its continued suitability, PlayStation Haven’s YouTube channel Gained over a million views with a video reenacting one of the most hilarious scenes in GTA Between the characters of Franklin and Lamar.

The evolution is the re-enactment of the actual actors who voiced these characters in 2013: Sean Fontino (Franklin) and Gerald “Slink” Johnson (Lamar). The video is a file Teaser for an online series called GTA V Real-Life ComparisonsSlink Tournament, which compares the game’s Los Santos city to the city that inspired it, Los Angeles.

Warning: graphic language in all sections below.

The above section may be seen with no confusing context. It’s a scene that has held Internet fame within the online GTA community for years, thanks to the phrase „yee yee ass haircut.“ In fact, “yee yee ass haircut” has her own style Know your meme And the Urban dictionary Pages.

Society has tickled itself by including characters like Darth Vader, Vegeta and Snow White as Lamar, And dubbing over it to „roast“ these Franklin characters. Poor Franklin.

GTA V was launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Eight years and a PS4 / Xbox One remaster later, The game has sold more than 120 million units. Coming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X releases | S from the game, In addition to Rockstar’s ongoing work on GTA Online, he will make sure GTA V continues to run for other years as well.

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