Daughter of Alex Trebek pays tribute to late Jeopardy host after last episode: 'I was cool'

Daughter of Alex Trebek pays tribute to late Jeopardy host after last episode: ‚I was cool‘

Nikki Trebek decided to skip celebrating her 55th birthday online and instead praised her late father.

Devoted singer, songwriter, and fashion designer Instagram Add to „Danger!“ Host Alex Trebek On Friday, January 8th, which happens to be the last pre-recorded episode of her dad appearing.

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„I was extraordinary !!!“ She captioned her post alongside a photo that showed she previously wrote „Jeopardy! Forever!“

Fans sincerely agreed with her statement in the comments section.

An Instagram user wrote, „Your amazing dad will always be the Goat (the greatest ever), and we, his fans, will always love him too. What an amazing guy.“ „I send you a big hug, Nikki.“

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Another person commented, „I saw it with my mom. We both cried. I can keep talking about it forever, but I’m sure you know more than I know.“ “Thank you dad for always being a positive influence on my life through TV.”

Another user said, „Your dad was amazing! We will miss him so much – even by the millions who have never met him.“ „Sending love your way! The honor was bittersweet – loved it though! Loved the“ fist pump „at the end … I cried like a baby! Thank you for sharing your dad with the world!

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Trebeek passed away on November 8, 2020 at the age of 80. He was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

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Since then, episodes of „The Hazard!“ Have been recorded. It was broadcast after his death.

The Turns out A video broadcast of the tribute showing the most prominent 37 seasons hosted.

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„Dedication to Alex Trebek,“ reads at the end of the honor. „Forever in our hearts. Always our inspiration.“

Starting next week, guest hosts will take on the role of Trebek in the trivia show.

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No permanent replacement has been identified.

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